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 Pink Lady
Pink; The color stands for beauty, grace and goodness...

PBRC ID Number: (#8601)

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Female (Spayed)

Age: 2 to 4 years

Weight: About 45-50 Lbs

Color: Liver and white

Good with dogs: N/A

Good with cats: Probably yes

Nicknames: Pinky Lee

Cute Pink | What a face

Pink Lady was a family companion who lost her home due to financial problems.

Pink is trying to be trouper about her ordeal and accept the fact that she must now try to find a new family. Pink is currently in foster care with MPR, in a home with another dog. Pink lived with children and a cat in her previous home.

Such a pretty girl | Beautiful pink


What a smile! | Goofball | Waiting for love | Those eyes ... Those ears

Foster Situation: Pink is fostered in a home with a young adult male Pit bull. Pink wasn't used to sharing her home with another dog when she came to us so we proceeded with a slow introduction. In order to avoid tension and pressure on the dogs, we let several weeks go by before they were allowed to meet. The dogs could see each others through crates and separate rooms and we observed their interaction until it was determined they were ready to meet. The intro went very well and the two of them are now best friends. You can tell that Pink really enjoys her foster brother's company. They do play together but mostly just hang out.

Training: Pink has been taught how to sit as well has how to shake. This pretty girl also knows that in order to get fed she must sit and wait to be given the "okay". Pink goes for daily walks and responds very well to the "gentle leader". Pink is also crate trained as well has house trained.

Personality: Pink is quite the entertainer. Her favorite toy is her rope bone; she can entertain herself for hours with it. She bounces around with it like a deer and hops like a bunny... It's quite the sight and is guaranteed to make you laugh. Pink also stands around with the very tip of her tongue hanging just a little out of her mouth adding to the comedian-like personality.


Unfortunately, if you see her at an event you would not know that she is so funny and energetic. At events she looks very sad and you can tell she just wants a "forever home" of her own.


So if this little funny-girl catches your eye please give her a chance and understand that sitting in a crate in public is not her favorite thing. She'd much rather be out on a walk/run or hanging out at home with a family. Pink did live in a home with children and does very good with them so she would make a great dog for just about any home.


Best Attribute: Hands down, the best thing about this girl is her love of life and the laughs she brings with her wherever she goes! If this girl were in your home there would never be a day when she didn't make you smile.

Pretty eyes | Funny Lady

What a goof | How could you ever resist that face | "Pink" tongue | And the tongue again

Pink has her own song!!!


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    Clayton Kuhn: God Parent
    Kati Griffin Hill: Well Wisher
    Lisa Pearson: Good Samaritan