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Mr. Biggs photo session
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Mister Biggs

PBRC ID Number: (#8666)

Breed: Pit Bull / Shar-pei

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Age: 10 months old

Weight: About 60 Lbs

Color: White with tan patch and freckles

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Nicknames: "Biggs", "Biggie"

Special Needs : Skin Problems


What a Face | Cute Boy

Mr Biggs is suuuuuch a ham…!!! And talk about a kissable face …! Ok, maybe a face only a mother could love.... But really, this puppy is a big teddy bear and he has an awesome personality. As mellow as they come, loving and very well behaved.

Mr Biggs lost his home when his owner was transferred to a military base that doesn't allow Pit Bulls. Biggs went to live with a relative and thought he had it made, happily sharing his new home with a little girl and a female Boston Terrier, only to find out Pit Bulls are banned in Wyandotte....

Can you say "unlucky"??!!! Mr. Biggs says "Why Me?"


Mr. Biggs is now safe in our program hoping to find his forever home as soon as possible. You see, Mr. Biggs suffers from a skin condition common with Shar-peis... And you guessed it, mom was half Shar-pei, half Pit Bull..... Dad was full Pit Bull but that didn't prevent Mr. Biggs to inhered the Shar-pei's skin problems. The condition is manageable with the right kind of food, shampoo, love and good care, but the most important is to avoid any kind of stress.... Such as loosing a home :-(

On the couch | ZZZzzzzzz....... | Sweet boy

Foster Situation: Mr. Biggs is in a foster home with a female pit bull mix and a female Weimaraner. Mr. Biggs is very laid back with the other dogs, but his tail is always wagging when they are around. He likes to engage in gentle play if they approach him.

We have a fenced yard (4 foot). Mr. Biggs is not a jumper.

Mr. Biggs is great at playing fetch.

Mr. Biggs is learning to walk on a leash. He does not resist the leash; he just needs direction on what to do on it. We live in town (in a neighborhood). We do take Mr. Biggs on outings. We have taken him on a couple of car rides. Biggs does great in the car. He just sits in the back or lays down. We have taken him on a handfull of walks so far. He is very friendly with everyone he meets.

Mr. Biggs sleeps in his kennel at night and doesn't make a peep.

I think that Mr. Biggs would do great in just about any situation, honestly. He is a huge sweetheart and is content just sitting near us. I think he would do fine with a (canine) female companion of any size. (We introduced him to our friend's Shi Tzu over the weekend and he sat near her, wagging his tail, but never invaded her space except to sniff a little.) Biggs would do great with small kids because he doesn't jump and is very mellow.

Good Looking | Big Mr. Biggs

Training: Mr. Biggs is not undergoing any formal training, but we are teaching him to walk on a leash. Mr. Biggs is 99% house broken now (He hasn't had an accident since day 2). Biggs is crate trained and appears obedience trained. Biggs knows how to sit, shake, lay down and fetch. Biggs is very responsive and is very eager to please. He’ll do anything for a good belly rub and hug. :)

Laying down | Too Sweet

Personality: Mr. Biggs is laid back but greets visitors with a wag and a smile. He is not shy. Biggs can be silly (when he follows our female pit mix around the house when she wants him to play chase, wagging his tail like crazy) but he is definitely submissive without being shy. He is very easy and well-behaved. Biggs is not high energy but he's not lazy either. He is content just laying around, but loves to go outside to play fetch. He LOVES to run after a ball!

Biggs doesn't seem distracted in the slightest by squirrels or small dogs.

Biggs is courageous; he would follow us anywhere!

Biggs loves visitors and does fine with kids (he's already a hit with our neighbor girls - elementary school ages). He can be playful but is very gentle. He is a goof ball - especially when he approaches for a good belly rub and immediately falls at my feet and rolls over!

Adorable boy | So Irresistible

Best Attribute: Biggs is irresistable because he is so laid back and is so loving but is goofy at the same time. He warms up very quickly to humans and dogs alike. He is adorable beyond belief with his sweet face and gentle demeaner.

Biggs is very smart - he's a quick learner and a pleaser. All Biggs really wants to do is lay at (or on sometimes) our feet and be a part of our lives. He would be happy anywhere so long as he receives love and at least one good belly rub daily!

Please give me a chance... Pretty Please

A note from foster mom: " I think Mr. biggs is the easiest guest I ever had…. He’s only 9 months old and he’s calmer than my old dogs. He looks like a big goofball but he’s actually quite responsive. He knows sit, lay down and goes to his bed if I tell him so. He’s great in a crate, goes in without fuzz and doesn't’t make a peep. He hasn’t chewed anything he should not, even the comforter and head cushion I put in his crate for comfort.  

I let him hang out in my computer room from time to time and he just lays on a blanket next to me, quiet. He doesn’t even think about jumping the baby gate and has no reaction to my dogs on the other side. Because he’s so mellow and easy-going, my dogs don’t have a problem with him either.  

He’s not overly needy of my attention, although he loves being hugged and kissed. He does not like to go outside on his own though, and I need to go with him to make sure he does his business. We had one accident in the crate the first day but that was right after his neutering so I think it really was an accident. He hasn't had one since.  

4/15/2008 UPDATE: He is definitely very dog friendly. We introduced him to our female pit bull mix and he loves her. He is very mellow, and waits for her to approach him to play. He is very laid back and submissive but he definitely wags his tail when she's around and follows her around.

Biggs is a delight. He loves to play fetch. He knows how to sit, shake, and lay down. He also knows his name and comes immediately when I call. I took him on his first walk today. This may have been his first walk ever. He caught on quickly and did not pull at all. He was just not sure what to do on the leash. We are going to work with him on that every day.

Biggs has had a couple of minor accidents, but he is about 90% potty trained from what I can tell. He is a very good, mellow boy who is content just sitting near us. He is a big goof ball. He does not jump and doesn't bark much at all. (I think I have heard him bark once). He will go outside to potty on his own now if I watch him from the door.

He is very friendly and is a joy to have around.

UPDATE ON SKIN CONDITION 05/10/08: Mr. Biggs' skin condition has improved substantially since he first arrived in our program.  The veterinarian working with Mr. Biggs is still not completely sure what causes Mr. Biggs' skin issues, but we are in the process of determining that, through the use of medication and a hypo-allergenic diet. When Mr. Biggs first came to our program, several areas of his hair had fallen out and such areas of his skin were red and irritated.  He is on antibiotics, a steroid, and anti-fungal medications (both oral and topical) at this time.  Mr. Biggs' skin has cleared up quite a bit since he started on the medications; the redness has cleared up substantially; and his hair is starting to grow back in many places.  We are unsure whether Mr. Biggs will need permanent medications for his condition, but we are working with his veterinarian to determine that and should know more within the next week or so. 




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