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Considering the current situation, MPR does NOT support show breeding, backyard breeding, "game breeding", or ANY form of Pit Bull breeding. Pit Bulls are overflowing and being destroyed in area shelters - There is NO excuse to add more to an already over-saturated market.
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Welcome to MPR. Our Mission is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in Missouri







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Our community can now support us simply by walking their dogs. Proceeds directly benefit the homeless Pit Bulls that come to MPR each year and support the ongoing good work that MPR does in the community.

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Bring your mutt to strutt his or her stuff with MPR dogs and volunteers!

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MPR holds Adoption Events on a regular basis to allow the public to meet our dogs, talk to our volunteers about Pit Bull ownership, ask question and spend individual time with a dog they might be interested to adopt.
Please email us if you want to know which dog will be attending posted event(s). Some events may be cancelled in case of rain.




Shelter living is a life-saving option for the few lucky dogs we can afford to help that way, but we can't do it unless we receive financial assistance from people like you.

We have several programs available. Every penny counts! Become a Helping Hand

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I Need A 

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I Need A 

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I Need A 

Foster Home Please
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Foster Home Please

MPR shelter is a life-saving opportunity for dogs that have no other options. For dogs that came from a difficult situation, a stay at the shelter is often a step up in life. But shelter life needs to be a temporary solution. In order to find a home, our rescue dogs need to live in a home and learn how to be well-behaved family companions. You can make a difference... PLEASE open your heart and home for one of the sweethearts. They desperately need YOU!

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  • FREE pet licensing, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries for owners of unaltered pit bulls and pit bull mixes who reside in Kansas City’s 64130 and 64132 ZIP codes. Take advantage of this free service for up to 4 pit bulls per household as quickly as possible since the grant runs through September 2014. Please contact one of the service providers listed below to arrange for service:
  • Spay & Neuter Kansas City, 1116 E. 59th St., Kansas City, MO. For information, call 816 -353-0940 or visit
  • Raytown Animal Hospital, 10401 E. 63rd St., Raytown, MO. For information, call 816-353-3666 or email
  • Northland Animal Welfare Society, 3400 NW Vivion Road, Riverside, MO. For information, call 816-336-1888 or visit


National Adopt a Black Dog Month - Many black dogs languish in shelters or remain with rescue organizations long after other dogs get adopted. Despite this, black dogs make terrific companions. They're gorgeous, wonderful animals. Open your heart and home and adopt a black dog this month. Won't you consider one of MPR's black/dark dogs: Charlie Chaplin, Chubbs, Kobe, Hasbro, or Neela.

September 14, 2014 - National Pet Memorial Day - Words cannot describe the sense of loss we feel when our faithful friend dies. It is often one of life's most heart-wrenching experiences. Recognizing the importance of remembering our cherished pets, the second Sunday of September is the official National Pet Memorial Day. This is a day set aside to light a candle and remember our departed companions and special members of our family.

September 21-27, 2014 - National Dog Week - Go out of your way to show some extra attention and affection to that favorite dog in your life. If you don’t have a dog, consider adopting one. If that isn’t feasible, consider fostering for a rescue. Everyone should experience the love of a dog, and vice-versa.

September 20, 2014 - Puppy Mill Awareness Day

September 20, 2014 - Responsible Dog Ownership Day

September 21-27, 2014 - Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

September 21-27, 2014 - National Deaf Dog Awareness Week

September 23, 2014 - Dogs in Politics Day

September 28, 2014 - World Rabies Day

Summer Heat and Health Hazards for Pets - Learn about the signs, treatment and prevention of heatstroke.

Why leave your pet at home? Six ways to make pet travel safer, easier, and more enjoyable for all.

Northland Pet Pantry - The mission of the Northland Pet Pantry is to provide short-term help in the form of free food and basic supplies for the companion pets of people who are struggling financially.

This is a directory of unaffiliated pet food assistance programs throughout the United States.

We wish you a happy Labor Day week-end!

Reminder from the National Canine Research Council - The excellent book The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression is available for free download at the National Canine Research Council website. Find it here.

Breed Discriminatory Fiscal Impact Calculator - Tool for municipalities in understanding the real cost of enforcing bans and restrictions on dogs because of their looks. The study that led to the calculator pointed out that dogs often identified as pit bulls may be, in fact, another breed entirely, which raises the question on how to properly identify animals that under the law might be banned.

Dog Training with Victoria Stilwell -Top 10 Basic Dog Training Tips - Excellent training tips written by Victoria Stilwell. Five Rules of Positive Dog Training - Positive reinforcement (i.e., giving the dog a reward in the form of praise, play, food or toys when it behaves in a way that you like) has been shown to be the most effective training method. Positive training equals positive results.

Dog Training and the Myth of Alpha-Male Dominance - Victoria was profiled in a recent TIME Magazine article entitled "Dog Training and the Myth of Alpha-Male Dominance." In the article, Victoria helps highlight the differences between traditional dominance- based methods and her brand of positive reinforcement philosophies.

Victoria Stilwell - Child and Dog Safety Guide - No matter how small the dog or young the child, it's never too early to teach children how to interact safely with dogs. 15 Do's and Don'ts for Children and Dogs - An excellent tip sheet written by Victoria Stilwell.

EXPECTING???? - Dogs Need To Be Prepared For Baby, Too - Shawnee Mission Medical Center Offers 'Dog & Storks' Class. Families preparing for a new baby may also want to consider preparing the family pet for the new addition, too. Dogs and Storks class is $29. For more information please see, Shawnee Mission Medical Center Classes

ASPCA Kids and Pets Interaction Guide - A wonderful resource for parents to raise their own awareness of children and pet interactions and what's appropriate at each phase of a child's development. The family pet is a best friend for many children - a companion who not only provides unconditional love, but who also teaches them about friendship, responsibility, loyalty, and empathy.
How to let kids pet your dog - As we all know there can be some danger in having a child approach a strange dog and pet it. The Victor Valley Daily Press has a good story on ways to teach kids to pet appropriately as well as warning signs to be wary of.




Wellsville, Kansas - The sitting ban stays. The Wellsville City Council voted 4-1 to keep an ordinance banning Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers from the city limits during its Wednesday meeting at city hall, 411 Main St., Wellsville. Councilmen Dave Edwards, Cory Cunningham, Jared Eggleston and Dave Rogers voted in favor of keeping the ban, with Mike McAfee the lone vote for dropping it.
Wentsville, MO - How Wentzville Citizens Beat Their Breed Ban to Win Canine Equality - The key to Wentzville's success was that the residents mobilized. They packed the city council meetings. When speaking, they were factual and polite and they didn't go away. Indeed, they followed much of the strategy set forth in Best Friend's tool kit to fight breed discrimination. In the end, the dogs carried the day and canine profiling was repealed - another example of the continuing trend in cities and counties across the U.S. to end breed discrimination.


Resources for Pit Bull Parents courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society



An excellent article from Bless the Bullys about BSL and staying informed
Knowledge is power - be an informed dog owner



Speak! or rollover!   the choice dog owners need to make

Know the animal ordinances in your town. Don't just be a good pet owner. Insist that your town hold all pet owners to the same high standards to which you hold yourself, whatever kind of dog they share their lives with. Breed specific laws are cruel, and they don't make our communities safer. Humane care of companion animals does.





Raisin was pulled from a local shelter after the staff pleaded his case. He was very underweight and appeared to have come from either a very neglectful situation or perhaps he had been abandoned for some time.

Raisin is very affectionate and we stress it. The dog is starved for attention and won't let you ignore him. He'll do all he can to climb on your lap and get more than his share of cuddle times. He's very funny about it. Raisin is an outgoing dog who loves all people. He's all love and cuddles. Raisin is not much of a guard dog. He's way too friendly and he loves everyone.

Raisin is great with children and enjoys their company. He does have "happy" moments though, when he could accidentally knock over a toddler. Older kids are preferred.

Raisin has spent time with other dogs but we believe he would be a better companion as an only pet. He loves people too much to share and he has enough affection to give for 10 anyway :-)

Raisin knows basic commands. He is house broken and crate trained. He has good house manners and is well mannered.

His wrinkly face and loving personality is totally irresistible and will make you fall in love!

Won't YOU open up your heart and give this wonderful boy a forever home and a loving family of his very own? Don't wait another day ... APPLY today!

Featured Dog



Jordan & Melissa


Featured Volunteer

We're pleased this month to recognize the dedication our volunteer Jordan Butcher and Melissa Milligan.

Jordan and I became a part of MPR a little over a year ago :) We have volunteered doing shelter shifts, working adoption events, fostering and even foster failed to the best ittie bittie pittie, Ginger. Currently we screen applications to make sure that each dog gets placed in the most perfect FURever home.

It all started at a bonfire on a July evening when Jordan brought our current dog Dozier (at the time only a tiny puppy) and I fell in love with both of them! Dozier was our first dog ever (outside of having dogs as children) and he brought so much joy to our lives. When I told Jordan about MPR we decided it would be amazing to help out with homeless dogs, because we couldn't imagine our dog Dozier being homeless. We thought we knew everything about the breed when we started MPR and boy were we dead wrong. We have learned so much about this amazing breed and met A LOT of amazing pitties along the way. Including the ones we have fostered. Every time we fostered a new dog we debated foster failing, believe me we would have kept every foster if we could...they were all so wonderful in there own way. We started off with Keisha Roo, she was so cute and her and Dozier hit it off right off the bat. We only had her a week or two before she went to current volunteers Jenny Bluth and Justin Ensign. We couldn't have been happier about where she was going.

After Roo we fostered Tank, oh man was this guy a huge clumsy puppy. He really had NO clue how big he was. We actually fostered Tank twice before he eventually went to a cute couple near St. Louis and I felt GREAT about that adoption as well. After Tank we fostered Mariel, she had the best puppy dog eyes EVER! When she looked at you, you just knew she loved you with everything she had. That wasn't just with us, she was like that with all of our friends as well. When she had her forever family coming to pick her up we had friends coming by and saying their goodbyes (with tears of course). That is when I realized what we were doing was so special, not only to us but to the people around us as well.

Last, but not least we fostered Ginger. She was definitely our most challenging foster at first. Her and Dozier did not hit it off as well as we would have liked. So we listened to our Senior volunteers and with all the advice we got them to not only like each other, but they LOVE each other. Which is the reason after about 3-4 weeks we decided to add a +1 to our family and adopt Ginger and we have not regretted it since.

On October 11th Jordan and I will be getting married!!! So we involved the dogs in our engagement photos and Dozier will be our ring bearer. Not only are they our dogs, but they are our family. Could NOT imagine our lives without either of them.

We want to thank MPR for EVERYTHING they do because we are just a small part of such an amazing organization that always puts the dogs first! Every time I screen an app and it goes all the way through to an adoption it makes me feel SOOOOO good that I helped a homeless pittie find the loving family they deserved!!

Jordan and Melissa, your caring, hard work and commitment are such an asset to MPR and the dogs that we wanted you to know we are so very fortunate and thankful to have you on board. Thank you! You are the absolutely the best!










Happy Updates are the fuel that keeps rescuers going....


Mahalia, now Peggy Sue, officially became part of the Miller clan in January of 2014 and has been an absolute joy.

Pegs is our second adoption from Missouri Pitbull Rescue, after adopting O'Malley in 2003 and they couldn't be more different. O'Malley has always been just about perfect in every way (Mary Poppins-esque), while Pegs has been a bit more "quirky". That said, we have really enjoyed having her part of the family and she has brought us lots of joy and laughter.

She is wonderful with O'Malley and really leans on him (literally sometimes:)) and her foster brother Reese to teach her how to be more Fido-esque. We believe that her past may have been less than desirable and that she's never really had the love, fun, or TLC that a typical dog should have. We are therefore having fun spoiling her and showing her how great a dog bed can be and even more great...a couch:) and Reese and O'Malley are showing her how cool tennis balls and sticks can be and that sunbathing on the grass can be the best thing ever!

Rescue dogs, who may have had a rough past, or experienced the unkind touch of man, or possibly some other horror we'll never know about, can truly appreciate love and kindness like no other. They've seen the worst in people, but will still open their hearts with trust and hope in a manner that really enriches the lives of those around them. Their capacity for love is infinite and it's a true blessing to have one, let alone TWO, in your life. We are truly privileged to have two rescue dogs from MPR and sincerely thank you for bringing this little hippo into our lives and for everything you do to save many more like her.


The Millers

Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!



Ginger was our 4th foster with MPR. She was a bit on the wild side at first, and it took her longer than others to get along with our other boy. After a couple weeks of being separate they were ready to be around each other all the time. Since then the rest is history. We decided to fully adopt her the end of May. We haven't regretted it since. She loves playing in the yard running around with Dozier and playing tug of war with their big rope. If she has a bone in her mouth inside by the tv she is set for hours. She can be a little out of control on walks when she sees other dogs since she is scared at first and gets very defensive, but she loves meeting new people. She has been around many from big to small and loved them all. She loves cuddling and lounging around with her little big brother Dozier who is her best friend. It took her a little bit to figure out the joy of a car ride, but when she got it she loved having the wind blow in her face. She is one of the most agile ittie bittie pitties I have encountered. She can grab a bone 6 ft in the air with ease. She has her own bed to lay on during the day and then shares the bed with Dozier and us at night. They get to lay however they want even if it leaves us without covers or uncomfortable. She is very loved and will stay as happy as can be for the rest of her life. She got to take part in our engagement pictures which was a bit of a task, but we were able to make it work. We love her so much and feel very happy we get to have her in our lives :)

~Jordan, Melissa and Dozier

Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!



Happy 1st Forever Home Anniversary to Ziggy!

Hello MPR staffers/volunteers/adopters/followers:

Today marks one year since we met and brought Ziggy home to live with us in Lincoln. Ziggy is the third MPR dog that has found their forever home with us here in Nebraska. Spuds in 2004, Sweet Pea (AKA Eclipse) in 2005 and Ziggy in 2013. Spuds passed away late December 2012. It was a dark time for all of us. Sweetie did well but it was apparent that she was a dog’s dog and she needed/relied on that canine companionship. We turned to MPR and they had a potential perfect fit. A male American Bulldog/APBT that had already been placed by MPR several years prior. Those owners needed to turn him back over to MPR. The timing would be perfect, Ziggy wouldn’t have to spend even one night back in a shelter.

Melanie Dillon picked Ziggy up, kept him overnight, took him to the vet and then met us for pickup in St. Joe. Zig was apprehensive and a quite shy, especially compared to the larger than life/in your face personalities of Spuds and Sweet Pea. I gave him little choice but to accept my affection by riding in the back seat with him from St. Joe to Lincoln. He met Sweetie, and our two cats, made himself at home and has been nothing but a dream for the past 365 days. Our family appreciates all that your organization does for this terribly misunderstood breed. I can’t imagine my home and life without at least one MPR dog.

Again, Thank You, for your tireless efforts to bring happiness to dogs and people alike!

Sincerely, Mitzi and Matthew Garthright

Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!



Tank is such a funny puppy! We realized very quickly that his name fits him perfectly, he really is like a tank. I swear he feels no pain no matter what he runs his head into! When he's not being clumsy he loves sunbathing on the deck, chewing on bones/sticks & just being around people... Oh & I can't forget treats he really loves those! He will do just about anything for a treat, half the time he is doing a trick before you even tell him which one to do cuz he is so excited, it's quite funny. Tank is such a loving dog, he gives the best kisses & cuddles. We are so happy we have adopted him & couldn't imagine a day without him!

~Katie & Brian

Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!



Honey and my girlfriend's dog, Tula. Honey and Tula are the best of friends!

Sleeping Beauty


Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!
Happy Update!



Have a safe, happy and fun SEPTEMBER from Missouri Pit Bull Rescue